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Selecting a Right Budget for Your Next Rental Apartment

Knowing how much rent you can pay for an apartment is essential before you began the search. Sometimes, it gets too late before we actually predict the total amount that we can afford to pay for rent.

The entire process of apartment search is quite overwhelming. Sometimes, in negligence we may overlook to ask a very important question from ourselves, that is “how much rent can we afford?”

This question becomes even more critical if we are moving to a new area because we are unaware of the many things.

It gets hard to find how much one can afford to spend each month on an apartment without leaving oneself compromising in other things.

So, selecting a right apartment budget is really important to live a stressful and balanced life. With some thoughtful analysis of your monthly expenditures and income, you can be sure you can afford the place.

There are so many apartment options available these days that it can get hard to choose the right one according to your needs.

Here are some points on how to establish your apartment budget and get a nice place in that budget:

Decide a rent that you can pay every month:

The rent of apartments varies depending on the location, facilities, and size.

The first criterion for selection is usually the rent of the place. Prospective renters should set a budget first to narrow down the properties they can afford.


According to experts, renters should make a list of all the household expenses including food, transport, credit card bills, phone bills, entertainment, emergency funds, and subtract it from the total income.

This gives an idea of how much one can afford to spare for rent every month.

Categorize the expenditure:


  • Split the categories of expenditure into two key sections: compulsory and optional.
  • Compulsory expenditures comprise things you cannot live without like: groceries, insurances, electricity and gas bills.
  • Optional spending includes buying unnecessary clothing, eating out and spending money for entertainment.
  • Things with the lowermost importance and urgency should be the first that you could cut if the budget gets tight.

Selecting a budget range for rent:

Rent is a necessary cost in your apartment budget.


A common rule of thumb is that you should not pay more than 30% of your income on housing including utilities.

If the apartment that you have selected has a rent is nearly 30% of your income and the utilities are also separate, you possibly cannot afford it.

Remember not to play with this limit as emergencies and unexpected expenses can come-up anytime. So, having a space in your budget can make those times less traumatic.

Make a list of apartments available in that budget range:

Setting a budget makes it easier for renters to narrow down their options and choose properties that lie slightly above or below their price range.

Look for the properties that lie in the selected price range. Choosing a higher price range may demand monthly expenditure adjustments from the renters.

  • Getting an idea of the rents in their area gives them a hint of how much they will have to negotiate with the leasing agents.
  • While narrowing down the options based on how much they can afford, renters should not bother to visit the apartments.
  • Visit multiple buildings in one area to compare one apartment with another in terms of rent and list of amenities offered.
  • After having an idea of the rent of properties in an area, renters are in better position to bargain with the leasing agent.

Many places demand the first or last month’s rent along with a security deposit while you sign the lease. So, have some money saved up ahead of time. Find an apartment within your budget range by searching online. Finding an apartment online provides the option of filtering your search as per your budget. For instance, if you are in search of an apartment rental in Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon or any other city in Canada, then you can simply click here to find best rental apartments within your budget.

Choose properties that lie slightly above or below your price range. Renting an apartment in your budget allows you to narrow down your options and provide room for entertainment.

So, if you are ready to move into a new apartment, set your budget first because it is important to find if the place fits in your budget.

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